Setup a modern dynamic website

Website development & SEO

Build a mobile App

Channel development for marketing

Cpanel setup and management

Content management system (CMS) & Login setup

FTP setup and management

Setup a HTML website

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Our skilled and experienced website development team can help you with all areas of developing your new or existing website.  Whether you need to decide upon the best platform to set your website up on, need a certain functionality or web application then we are here to support you.

Website Development

Build a website or web application

website development
  • Building your creative ideas
  • Organising your development
  • Developing a website or app
  • Development consultancy

Website Packages

Setup domain, hosting and website

a website design
  • Setting up all of your website
  • Configuring domain, hosting, emails etc
  • Giving you the login to your website builder
  • Start developing a website with SEO
  • Ongoing training and support

Website Development Services

A quick break down of our development packages above

Website development consultancy


Speak to us about your development ideas and we can help you bring them to reality.  We take your ideas and turn them into working technical solutions to use in your desired way.  It could be a website, functional part of a website or application that you need.  Our development team are also here to help you with any development issues involving your website, server and other online services.


Buying a website package with hosting, email and website design


If you choose the website package then we will include your website development, design and hosting along with a range of other services under one roof.  This will give you all of the tools you need to get your online business up and running in no time at all and is highly recommended unless you have a specific website development project in mind.

Choosing a Website Developer

Our website developers can make your website ideas happen

One of the most important decisions you can make when doing any development work is to know what platform and tools to use.  Our web developers are skilled and experienced enough to walk you through the solutions you need for your individual or business needs.


When you have decided upon your project and briefed us about it, we will then give you a breakdown of how we will make it happen and how long it will take us.  You will be an intricate part of the development process if it is a bespoke project making sure that the end result is exactly what you planned.

  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • HTML
  • CSS
a website development

The two main areas of Website Development

Front end and back end web development

The front end is what you see in a website application that are constructed using HTML, CSS and Javascript.  Every single website on the internet is written in HTML code and will be the infrastructure of most applications.  CSS is the styling of the website detailing how you see the layout and design of each page.  Then the Javascript is what is used to add the functionality side to the website deciding how you interact with the website as a user.


Back end website development is all of the coding that goes on behind the scenes working hand in hand with the front end of the website application.  Scripts are received in the back end when actions are taken and is usually talking to a database (MYSQL) to generate the front end for the user to interact with.  The code is written in many different languages including PHP, ASP.NET, PERL, JAVA and PYTHON to name a few.

Contact a-website Development today!

Contact us for a free quote on your web development or website package

We would love to hear from you to discuss your exisitng or future website and online marketing plans. We can give you a phone, skype or face to face consultation going through all of the areas of concern for your business. This will include auditing your existing website and online marketing then providing you with a website performance analysis.

Our services can then be tailored to suit your business goals for now and in the future.  We will be able to collaborate and find the best solutions for your website management and online marketing strategy, mixing any of our services to provide a tailored bespoke package.  Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask any questions to find out more.

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