Microsoft Business Email

Microsoft Business Email

£12.99 / month / month

What you get:

Full support from our Email Hosting team to setup your business email accounts on secure Microsoft email servers.  The package includes the following:


Step 1 – Our email hosting specialist will configure your email hosting with Microsoft business email servers, so you get an email account like OUTLOOK e.g.

WHY?  We will setup your business email using Microsoft servers because it gives a high level of security and reliability, reducing spam and security threats.  You will also be able to use the OUTLOOK interface for your business email.


Step 2 – Our developers will setup accounts needed for you or your colleagues so you can have multiple user accounts

WHY?  You may need more than one inbox email account or you may just need one inbox account with multiple users or aliases for that account.


WHAT NEXT?  Our web developers can configure and setup your business email accounts to meet the needs of your business, then add other features such as calendar and more.  This will factor in your data storage requirements for you and your business, and any other web services you need integrated into your package.