Managed Website Hosting

Managed Website Hosting

£9.99 / month

What you get:

Full support from our UK Website Hosting team to setup fully managed website hosing for your website.  The package includes the following:


Step 1 – Our web hosting specialist will setup and secure your website hosting with enough data so that one website can be viewed online e.g.

WHY?  We will setup and configure your website hosting with data allowance so your domain and website can be accessed to show online when you search e.g.


Step 2 – Our web hosting team will be there to help and support if you need more data for your website hosting.  The standard web hosting package caters for an average sized website for normal business use.

WHY?  You may need your hosting data increased to store more data on your website e.g. extra videos, images etc.


WHAT NEXT?  Our UK Hosting team can help you configure and purchase hosting packages to suit your business data needs.  Our developers can then help you with any configuration needed for your website hosting or general website requirements, depending on your business website needs.

*Please note that you will need to pay for extra data so please ask for prices.  We do also have other third party hosting services for large amounts of data e.g. S3, so please ask if you require large amounts of data storage.