Online Shop Website Package

Online Shop Website Package

£49.99 / month

What you get:

Full support from a website developer to setup an ecommerce website for online shopping.  The package includes the following:


Step 1 – Choose a domain name e.g., through our own domain registrar

WHY? So that your website has a name to be found online


Step 2 – We setup your hosting with your domain name

WHY?  So your website name can be linked to your website and viewed online


Step 3 – Our developers will setup your website and give you access to a website builder

WHY? So you can login, modify and manage your website yourself.


Step 5 – Our developers will setup an SSL Certificate e.g. https://

WHY?  Your website will need to have the protocol https:// set up for you to take online payments securely


Step 6 – Our developers will setup a payment gateway e.g. paypal on your website

WHY?  This will enable you to receive payments directly from clients who purchase products on your website


WHAT NEXT?  Our development team can support you and add new features for your website to achieve any of your online goals.  But this is a great starting point for any online business to get all of the basics needed.


Additional information

Choose a domain name

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